Kobelco Welding Wire

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Phone or email the following persons and we will forward to a specialist/representative in your area:


Joe Riccardi   (941) 812-6469

Email:  joe.riccardi@joetsales.com


Joe Tomarchio (678)  776-2732

Email:  jtomarchio@joetsales.com



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KOBELCO Fluxed Cored Wire is of unsurpassed quality. That's not just an idle boast or wishful thinking.  Just ask any professional welder who has used Kobelco's flux cored wires.


Kobelco's consistent quality begins in our welding R & D Department that is continually studying new materials and processes.  New discoveries that result in flux cored wire with less spattering and easy slag removal.  Wires with excellent arc stability and smooth wettability that produce a beautiful bead...spool after spool.


And you won't have to worry about availability.  Because we're the Welding Company of Kobe Steel, our warehouses are always stocked to meet your needs.  In many cases, an order placed today means and order delivered tomorrow. Not weeks or months from now.